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 The ancient diamond-shaped country of India, the largest part of the Indian Subcontinent  extends from the Himalayan Mountains in the north, south into the tropical reaches of the Indian Ocean. It's the second most populous country on the planet, and certainly one of the most intriguing.

This diverse and fertile country, which once included the lands we now call Bangladesh and Pakistan, was plundered over eons of time.

It was subsequently colonized and controlled by Britain during much of the 19th and 20th centuries. Then, in 1947, India declared independence and formed its own country.

It's home to some of the most significant natural and man-made wonders on the planet, and thus, a powerful exotic tourism magnet. The modern open-door policies of India have put the tourist industry here on the fast-track, as luxury hotels and beach resorts are constantly under construction.

With numerous major languages (hundreds of dialects), dozens and dozens of large cities and over 700,000 villages - somehow India works, both in the classic, traditional methods of its many cultures, and in the fast-moving world of the 21st century. 

India Flights [ Connecting India]

In India, Air or Aviation industry witnessed a boom in the recent years with the opening up of Indian skies to private airline operators. Indian flights connect Indian cities to various cities around the globe. National carrier Air India was recently in news for its amalgamation with Indian Airlines to form a new entity, National Aviation Company of India Limited. Indian Air Lines, once a key player in the India domestic flights sector, had to cede room to various other private players like, Jet Airways, Air Indigo or Indigo Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines India, Go Air India etc. Rise in fuel prices, lack of operator friendly policies of the government, inaccessibility of international routes to new entrants in the industry, etc. are the main impediments of growth of the Indian Airways industry. Air India Express is the low cost arm of the national carrier in the India airlines sector with 46 air routes in its ambit connecting 19 cities. After the merging of Air India Airlines with Indian the new name for the national carrier is Air India. Indian Airlines website has been reconstructed featuring the new face of the amalgamation.


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